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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  September 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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p.m. you don't want to miss that. that's where we get the dish. so catch that at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. >> the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. an air show in west virginia turned into the wrong kind of spectacle when this accident occurred in front of everyone. a plane went down in the middle of a trick maneuver. >> the plane went down. john hanrahan was in martinsburg talking to witnesses. john. >> military and civilian authorities in west virginia have no idea why the pilot of an old propeller plane failed to pull out of a dive. no one in the crowd was injured because the acrobatics were taking place well away from the gathered public. >> air show, like the airport in martinsburg, west virginia, is a civilian and military
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enterprise. c5's, huge military transport aircraft are open for public inspection. and a civilian acrobatic team were performing around 2:30 in the afternoon. this youtube video shows the group in action. in one maneuver, some of the planes head straight downward before leveling off. the pilot of one of them never recovered, slamming straight into the ground. martinsburg radio recorder, albert, was watching. >> as i turned to watch them pas me on the right, the plane i saw went down, straight down. there was a giant ball of orange flame, which immediately turned black and then that was it. >> the t28 with its one pilot aboard hit the ground well away from spectators. >> all air shows have a required safety plan to include a box that is built for the demonstration to occur a distance away from speck pectators.
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the requirements were layed out by the faa. >> authorities said, the pilot made no distress call before the crash. although some in the crowd reactioned aloud at the moment of impact. >> he just crashed. >> within moments, the crowd fell eeriely silent. >> second thing was, there had to be at least 10000 people here. but there wasn't a sound. it was utter, utter silence. >> the radio station is wnr. that typo was my error. i'm sorry for it. the pilot has not been identified because it's uncertain whether his family has been notified. this was the second year for the thunder over the blue rage air show and open house. admission is free, but donations are accepted and this event raised $100,000 for the regional united way campaign. but in light of the fatal
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accident, organizers have canceled all of their sunday activities. john hanrahan in the newsroom, thank you. nine people with dead after an air show crash in reno, nevada. a plane may have lost a piece of its tail. witnesses say the p51 mustang suddenly pulled up in an odd way and twisted and nose dived, sending spectators scrambling and killing people on impact. >> you think is this it? am i going to die? that's what you first think. i better get out of the way. >> the pilot is among those killed. 17 others remain hospitalized, in serious or critical condition. the ntsb is in reno informing what went wrong. >> the two americans convicted of flying could soon be free. we are everywhere at 11:00. iran's foreign minister says the courts are willing, quote, in the near future to commute. the prison sentences for the two americans were detained
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along the border in july of 2009 and each sentenced to eight years in prison. iran's judiciary is set to be ready to cancel as a gesture of islamic mercy. there's no clear indication of if two men will be released. during a keynote speech at the pacific economic cooperation in san francisco, clinton called on the 21apec countries to adopt the country, including women's rights and providing access to capital in their own family. kara kennedy, the oldest daughter of edward kennedy suffered a heart attack at a dc health club and died. she leaves behind a husband and two children. kennedy was 51 years old. beach goers and trained marine biologists worked together to save a dolphin.
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it washed ashore noontime yesterday. people had been swimming and sunbathing wound up trying to keep the mammal alive with wet towels, a bucket of water and umbrellas. sea world's trained responders showed up four hours after. >> odds are stacked against them. our primary focus is stabilize. do whatever diagnostics we can and give them every chance we can for survival. >> even their best efforts did not work. the dolphin died today. the sea world crew will find out what made it sick. >> summer almost here and that means almost over. that means time for maybe one last dip in the pool perhaps? one local party was just for the dogs. hey ken. >> they are having a great time. we have changes coming up in our forecast. it was cool this morning and today. temperatures below seasonal. i'll let you know what to ex3ebg9 after the break.
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a pretty cool day. take a look at our highs. 65 degrees at national airport. 64 at dulles and 63 at bwi. those it happens, some 14 to 15 degrees cooler than the average high. we should be about 79 degrees. didn't come near that today. and we're going to continue to see temperatures really cool for tonight. chilly right now. 60 degrees at national. 55 at gaithersburg. we have 55 to the west of martinsburg and a 56 for baltimore. 60 degrees this hour for annapolis. a pretty cool northeasterly wind flow. also, so are the clouds. we'll continue to see clouds roll in. could see a little bit of drizzle. don't be surprised. same story as we move through the early morning hours. all of the precipitation that moved through the south and east moved well out to the atlantic.
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still with the on shore flow, that is where we could see some of that drizzle settling in. it will be short lived as we move into tomorrow. so we did dodge the bullet with the majority of rain fall pushing its way off to the east, but cooler conditions ahead. here's a look at where yes heating tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. we'll see more soviet union shine, expecting a high around 70 degrees. great football weather for you tomorrow for the redskins hosting the car cardinals. 68 to 70 by the time kickoff at 1:00. here's a look at your five-day forecast. the clouds are sticking around, but take a look at temperatures. a gradual rise. we'll hit 80 degrees by the time wednesday rolls around. once again, back into the warmer conditions. we have a cold front coming our way. that will set us up for a chance of showers and a chance of thunderstorms but in the meantime for tomorrow, once again we are talking more clouds but we have a dry start to your week. will, maurine. >> looking forward to those
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temperatures. i'm not ready to say good-bye to summer yet. >> all right, we are taking the story that is for the dogs. >> montgomery county pool was the hot spot today. the pool hosted a dog pool party today. can you imagine cleaning the felter out of that pool? >> if you missed the function party, the pool is hosting it again. it's $10 per dog. >> it's always fun trying to clean the dog. it's nice when you are doing it, but afterwards, why did i let them in the pool? we have a sneak peak of nissan sports xtra. >> lindsey murphy, what is ahead? >> strefn strosberg continues on the right path, plus marylands and west virginia with hard knocks on the football field. plus it's almost game day. >> thank you, ella. fox 5 news always on.
11:11 pm >> keep it right here. nissan sports xtra 2 minutes away.
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welcome to the washington area nissan area's sports xtra. >> good evening. i'm lindsey murphy. welcome to a jam packed nissan sports xtra. up next, steven tries to reel in the 5th. plus, will he be high fiving his teammates? there is something about west virginia that makes the terps
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and randy's life plain out miserable. maryland lost five straight games in the series and as the head coach at uconn, he went 1- 6 against the mountaineers. add in a suspension of ronnie tyler and quinton and maryland, well, they had their hands full this afternoon. late in the 1st quarter, terps trailing 7-3. danny o'brian has some time. what he doesn't have, an open receiver. he is intercepted, who returns it 37 yards. west virginia takes a 14-3 lead. more mountaineers, andrew bowie, west virginia raced out to a lead. 3rd quarter, terps down 34-16. o'brian finds d.j. adams for a diving six-yard score. but with just over a minute left, 37-31, a critical 3rd and 5 for maryland. o'brian picks off again.


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